Kidcreate Studio Announces Its Expansion Into New York

Kidcreate Studio Announces Its Expansion Into New York

Kidcreate is pleased to announce the expansion of the Kidcreate franchise concept into New York.  “We just closed a deal that will become Kidcreate of New Hyde Park”, announced Kidcreate’s Founder, Lara Olson.  “We have yearned to be in New York for some time and cannot be happier with our newest Kidcreate business owner, Falguni Patel.”

Falguni and her husband Xitij, have lived in New Hyde Park for 10 years and are thrilled to be able to bring the Kidcreate enrichment programs to their home community.  

Falguni is a dedicated Respiratory Therapist and loving mother of a wonderful boy. The intricate balance of caring for other’s respiratory well-being and managing the pressure of the medical field has led her to discover the therapeutic power of art. Falguni’s passion for painting and arts & crafts inspired her to pursue a dream of opening an art studio for kids in her community to foster creativity and artistic expression. Combining her medical expertise with her love for the arts, Falguni aims to create a vibrant space where children can explore their imagination and share the healing of creativity with young minds in her New Hyde Park community.

The studio will become a sanctuary for young artists to unleash their creativity, cultivate a love for the arts, and, most importantly, create cherished memories that will shape their growth and confidence for years to come.  The expected studio launch will be in mid-2024.  In the meantime, Falguni will be launching her business as a mobile On-the-Go business.  Soon, Kidcreate will be available to young artists in New Hyde Park and the surrounding communities in schools, daycare centers, community centers, and more.

falguni and xitij on a discovery day

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