Kidcreate Studio Education Franchise Founder on TV!

Kidcreate Studio Education Franchise Founder on TV!

Kidcreate Studio Founder Lara Olson showed Minnesota TV viewers how to trick-or-treat in style!  Lara appeared on Minnesota’s CBS affiliate, WCCO, to demonstrate the “tricked-out treat bag” Halloween craft that is part of this month’s lesson plan at Kidcreate Studio education franchise locations across the country. Watch Lara’s TV appearance in the video below:

In her appearance on WCCO’s morning news broadcast, Lara, along with two budding artists- Lily and Charlie, in adorable Halloween costumes- showed anchor Ali Lucia how to make a trick-or-treat bag that stands out, in more ways than one! By using glow-in the dark paint, these uniquely personalized treat bags not only catch the eye with an extra-spooky glow, but also help make trick-or-treaters more highly visible to motorists as the Halloween sky gets dark, providing an extra layer of safety. The kids wowed Ali with their Halloween-themed treat bag featuring a spider with an intricate web, and Lara also showcased a few other art projects guaranteed to boost the fun factor this Halloween season!

As an education franchise first and foremost, Kidcreate Studio goes beyond simple arts and crafts- each lesson plan is created to fit not only a kid-friendly theme like Halloween trick-or-treating, but also to educate kids on various techniques used by artists everywhere. For this craft, Lara explained how the kids’ treat bag design process is a variation on batik, an art technique that traditionally involves the use of hot wax to make designs on fabric, such as pillowcases. The fabric is then dyed, and the portions containing the wax resist the color, resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations. Using a safe, kid-appropriate alternative to hot wax, Lara is able to showcase the style elements of batik and provide educational information on its origins, all while letting her young helpers make art that excites and inspires them!

The inclusion of a time-honored art technique like batik is an excellent example of how Kidcreate Studio goes beyond standard arts and crafts to create a true education franchise dedicated to giving young artists a solid art education foundation. “We’re an education-based business, and every class we teach has a lesson plan that we follow, and it has what we call a KidBit, which is the educational element that we’re really trying to teach the kids and get them to understand,” Lara explained in her WCCO segment. By using the KidBits that are part of every Kidcreate Studio lesson, Franchise Owners can not only encourage students to express themselves creatively, which builds confidence that can be carried into virtually every other aspect of their lives, but also provide them with the tools they need to build their skill sets for making art, as well as a healthy appreciation for a variety of art styles. 

As an education franchise, Kidcreate Studio stands alone in its field. While other children’s franchise opportunities also incorporate arts and crafts into their business models, Kidcreate Studio is focused on providing quality art education for children who do not receive enough art instruction during their school days. By instilling a love and appreciation for art in young people, as well as providing art-related education about traditional techniques, creative processes, and art history, students at Kidcreate Studio receive a well-rounded art education that serves as a basis for future success in multiple areas of their academic and personal lives. 

Lara’s appearance on WCCO-TV is hardly the first: Kidcreate Studio’s crafts have been featured on TV news and lifestyle programs across the United States! Our Franchise Owners have many opportunities to showcase their studio location on local news segments, like this one, thanks to outstanding support from our marketing team. This is a key differentiator between an education franchise like Kidcreate Studio and an independently-owned children’s art studio. It can be extremely difficult to generate an effective amount of buzz about a kid-friendly local business, but with the full support of the Kidcreate Studio corporate marketing time, our Franchise Owners can be sure their children’s franchise location will be effectively marketed and that they will get the publicity they need to successfully grow their business!

Have you often envisioned yourself in the role of owning a business in the children’s education space? The Kidcreate Studio opportunity is an ideal way to combine your passions of entrepreneurship, art, and children to launch a highly-rewarding, immensely fulfilling career. Our Franchise Owners love what they do each day- and enjoy the potential profitability that comes from doing it! Find out more about our education franchise opportunity here.

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