Kidcreate Studio Founder Q&A with Star Tribune

Kidcreate Studio Founder Q&A with Star Tribune

Lara Olson is the founder of Kidcreate Studio, an art franchise opportunity that started in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Kidcreate Studio was actually founded back in 2008 as Lara was looking for an opportunity to provide her first-grade son with more exposure to art, outside of the ONE hour a week he was getting in school, but she was unable to find what she was looking for. Wanting to provide children with a fun, art-filled learning environment, Lara decided to create a place that was designed JUST for kids, that combined quality art education, and that provided all of this in a fun, kid-friendly environment.

Thus – Kidcreate Studio was born!

Today, Lara is looking for parents all across the country who are looking for an art franchise opportunity that will help supplement the art education/learning that the children are receiving in their communities. This is why Lara sat down with the Star Tribune to discuss Kidcreate Studio, our business models, and how YOU can bring a Kidcreate Studio to YOUR community!

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Art Franchise Opportunity, Kidcreate Studio, is now Franchising Across the Country!

(StarTribune)Q: Why did you decide to franchise?

(Lara Olson, Kidcreate Studio Founder)A: My goal from the beginning was to take a business that does good for kids and get more of them involved. When it came time to make that choice we opened Eden Prairie and that went well and then Woodbury too. Once we were happy with the profitability and the running of the business, we decided to franchise.

Q: How else have you expanded on your original idea?

A: We’ve added birthday parties and summer camps but we have to go where the kids are so we’ve added partnerships with preschools, community-education programs, elementary schools, parks and recreation programs, care programs before and after school, health clubs and golf courses. That’s part of our On-the-Go side.

Q: Elementary schools too?

A: Yes. Some reduced their art programs but we work with districts that may offer it as an after-school program too. We work with a lot of districts like Edina, Eastern Carver County, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, and south Washington County.

Q: What’s the revenue breakdown?

A: The On-the-Go side is about 70% of our business. Most of it is school districts and charter schools, then day-care centers and preschools and a sliver of community events. About 30% of revenue are from the studio locations.

Q: What kind of revenue increases has the business seen?

A: We’ve seen year-over-year growth of 20%.


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