Kidcreate Studio is opening in Aliso Viejo, CA!

Kidcreate Studio is opening in Aliso Viejo, CA!

Kidcreate Studio of Aliso Viejo is on the books and is to be opened in early 2024.  Kidcreate’s Dana Point owner has decided to expand their business due to high demand northward into Aliso Viejo.

For nearly four years, the Kidcreate Dana Point Studio has been the smallest Kidcreate Studio.  But the Aliso Viejo studio will make up for that by being the largest Kidcreate studio in the country.  It will be over three times the size of Dana Point!

 Aliso Viejo will also be the first Kidcreate Studio to have a multipurpose room that can be used for parties, private events, specialty events, and overflow from camps, workshops, and activities.

Kidcreate Studio is an arts and crafts franchise that offers enrichment programs to kids in the community.  We offer art and arts and crafts enrichment lessons in the forms of classes camps, workshops, community and private events, lessons, and parties for kids

Kidcreate Southern California Owner expands their business into Aliso Viejo, CA

If you’re a franchisee, entrepreneur, mom or business owner looking for an art program to join in the Aliso Viejo area that offers excellent benefits and great creative opportunities then look no further! Kidcreate Southern California Owner is expanding their business into the city of Aliso Viejo offering amazing new classes and exploring a whole world of possibilities with all those interested in growing within the arts. Whether your child has experience with art or is only just beginning on this exciting journey, our classes will ignite their passion while learning skills that can be used across different disciplines and forms.

Introducing Kidcreate Southern California to Aliso Viejo

Calling all creative kids! The largest Kidcreate studio in Southern California will soon open in Aliso Viejo and it’s ready for you to unleash your imagination. Kidcreate Southern California brings an innovative approach to art education, providing a welcoming environment for kids to explore their artistic potential and develop their skills. With a wide range of classes and activities, this studio is sure to meet the demand of any young artist looking to express themselves. So, let your inner Artist shine and become part of the Kidcreate community in Aliso Viejo. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

The Benefits of Kidcreate's Art and Drama Classes for Kids

Are you looking for a way to enhance your child’s creativity and self-expression? Look no further than Kidcreate Studio’s art and drama classes for kids! Our programs provide a unique, hands-on experience that encourages children to explore their imaginative side while developing important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. At Kidcreate, we believe that art enrichment is smart–not only does it foster creativity, but it can also boost cognitive development and even improve academic performance. Plus, our classes are designed to be fun and engaging, so your child will be excited to come back week after week. Give your child the gift of artistic expression and sign them up for a Kidcreate class today!

Kids at work

What the Aliso Viejo Community Can Expect from Kidcreate

Exciting news for the Aliso Viejo community! Kidcreate, the beloved art studio for children, is expanding and opening in a much larger space. This means that even more young artists will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination through a multitude of classes and offerings. With the expanded space comes a wider range of lessons that cater to different interests and skill levels. From painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media, every child is bound to find something they love and excel at with Kidcreate. Get ready, Aliso Viejo, because Kidcreate is gearing up to bring even more color and inspiration to your community!

Ways You Can Support Local Businesses in Aliso Viejo

Are you looking for ways to support local businesses in Aliso Viejo? There are plenty of options available that don’t require a lot of effort. You might consider checking out the new studio that will be open soon in town. Who knows? You might find your new favorite place to exercise or unwind. Additionally, keep an eye out for the grand opening of new businesses in the area. Attending these events not only shows support for the business, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet other members of the community. Supporting local businesses not only benefits the local economy but also builds a sense of community pride. So why not get out there and see what Aliso Viejo has to offer?

Overall, Kidcreate Southern California is bringing art classes for kids to Aliso Viejo, and the opportunities are endless. Not only will be opening up a new passageway to explore the arts but we will also be offering a safe space where children can develop their skill set in different areas of arts. We’re beyond excited to be coming to such a welcoming community and cannot wait to get started! Get ready Aliso Viejo, because Kidcreate Southern California will be opening soon. By supporting local businesses during this period of growth, we can help build stronger communities together. We invite the entire Aliso Viejo community to check out our classes when we open our doors and become part of this amazing journey with us. Let’s create something inspirational together!

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Are you aware of the possibilities open to kids who are exposed to art on a regular basis? Love to do crafts with your kids? Are you an entrepreneur looking for an excellent investment? 

Kidcreate Studio is a fast-growing education franchise that can promote a valuable return-on-investment while also providing a great space for kids in your community. Our Franchise Owners love the feeling of giving back to their communities while starting a business they can share with their families for generations to come. Please visit our franchise website for more info.

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