Kidcreate Studio Owner celebrates one year of ownership in Broomfield, CO.

Kidcreate Studio Owner celebrates one year of ownership in Broomfield, CO.

The Carroll family, a family of four is celebrating their first year of Franchise ownership with Kidcreate Studio.  Cheyenne runs the day-to-day business while Justin maintains close attention to the business from outside the studio.  Their two children, Declan and Addison are young enough to start enjoying the art enrichment activities that a Kidcreate Studio has to offer.  

Both Cheyenne and Justin have a combined 20 years of experience in the Air Force and remain active in the Air Force reserves today.  They wanted to experience business ownership while making sure to have plenty of time with their young kids.  They decided on Kidcreate Studio because it allowed them to experience their version of entrepreneurship and it involves children’s education.

They moved to Colorado to be close to family and found the Kidcreate Studio in Broomfield, CO was for sale.  It made perfect sense to purchase the up-and-running studio and to begin their life as business owners right away.  December of 2023 marks their first anniversary as Kidcreate owners.

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The Best Part of Being a Kidcreate Studio Owner.

The best part of being a Kidcreate owner is the way we see that we have a positive impact on kids in the community.  The majority of schools in our area do not offer art classes or art enrichment classes due to funding issues.  So, we are thrilled to be able to step in and help fill the gaps in art enrichment and see first-hand the positive reactions of the kids as they experience art, both in our studios and in the schools and the community as we offer our services outside our studio as well.   


The best story and the most rewarding reason why we do this is to hear from parents how we have helped their children with our enrichment programs.  We had a mom of a very introverted child reach out to us recently to let us know the Kidcreate enrichment programs have positively helped her son.  He has been coming out of his shell and is opening up through his experience in our studio classes.  He also makes friends in the studio classes that he takes.

She believes his experience with Kidcreate has already helped him in many ways beyond learning art.

The Hardest Part of the First Year.

The most challenging part of being a new business owner over our first year in business was to learn all of the systems and platforms and the things required of you as a business owner. Being a first-time business owner, we never expected what was required of us.  But being a part of the Kidcreate franchise system helped to make it so much easier.  We were taught all the key aspects of owning a business and had Kidcreate Support available to us whenever we needed it.

We are looking forward to our second year of being a Kidcreate Business owner and are very excited about the upcoming year, 2024.

Interested in Starting a Kidcreate Studio franchise?  

Are you aware of the possibilities open to kids who are exposed to art on a regular basis? Love to do crafts with your kids? Are you an entrepreneur looking for an excellent investment? 

Kidcreate Studio is a fast-growing education franchise that can promote a valuable return on investment while also providing a great space for kids in your community. Our Franchise Owners love the feeling of giving back to their communities while starting a business they can share with their families for generations to come. Please visit our franchise website for more info.

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