Kidcreate Studio Officially Open in Broomfield with Rod and Jen Arreola!

Kidcreate Studio Officially Open in Broomfield with Rod and Jen Arreola!

With backgrounds in both entrepreneurship and children’s educations, Rod and Jen Arreola have excitedly joined with Kidcreate Studio on a three-unit deal over the course of the next five years. Here at Kidcreate Studio, WE are excited to announce that Rod and Jen, as of September 14th, have OFFICIALLY opened their first location with our kids art studio franchise in Broomfield, Colorado!

Rod Arreola spent a decade working in the IT field before realizing his passion and career was truly found in entrepreneurship, leading him to move his family to Las Vegas, Nevada. His entrepreneurial start began with the founding of Teriyaki Madness, the well-known teriyaki restaurant brand. Over the course of the next few years, Teriyaki Madness began grow increasingly with new locations found around the Las Vegas area. The Arreolas increasing success even led to Kidcreate Founder Lara Olson to reach out to Rod for advice about franchising in 2014.

The Arreolas were ultimately bought out in 2016 as Teriyaki Madness began increasing their own franchising efforts, thus Rod began searching for another business venture to explore– this time, outside of the the restaurant industry.

That’s when Kidcreate Studio provided the perfect opportunity. Being parents of three, Rod and Jen both knew that the direction of children and education was the right one for them, allowing them the flexibility to pursue a business concept that fit their interests and values while simultaneously raising their family. Jen Arreola found that the mission of Kidcreate aligned perfectly with her own passion of childhood education. In 2010, Arreola began working as a gifted education adviser in the Boulder Valley School District and saw that there were not many art opportunities for her students. Kidcreate, therefore, provided the perfect mix of meeting the needs of her students while also allowing her to continue pursuing her passion in childhood education.

With three children of their own, the Arreolas were also actively seeking an opportunity that allowed for a positive and healthy work-life balance to provide flexibility in their schedule. Because of our ability to encourage studio owners to create their own work schedules and actively involve their families in the business, the Arreolas immediately saw how opening their own Kidcreate location would allow for their own quality family time.

“When you own your own business in the restaurant industry, you’re subject to crazy hours and demand,” Rod states. “With Kidcreate Studio, we can determine our own hours and operate with more flexibility, which is great because we wanted more family time and to not to be tied to a concept 24/7 like a restaurant would require.”

artist at work

Rod Arreola also saw the great economic potential in investing in the kids art studio franchise when considering the investment through the perspective of a businessman. When weighing the potential profit margins, cost of entry, and demand of service, Arreola saw Kidcreate as “a great business”. Unlike the restaurant industry, which possesses much greater risk due to a high cost of build-out and lower return on investment, Rod claims Kidcreate has much less risk, shows “great numbers” with concerns to profit margins, and has an impressively low cost of entry.

Overall, the Arreolas find that moving in the general direction combining art and childhood education is the perfect fit for them.

“With three kids of our own, I understood as a parent that there is a lot of opportunity for this kind of supplemental education in this niche market because of the lack of art in schools,” Jen claims. “I spend a lot of time with moms who frequently encounter few options when looking for things for their kids to do. The art programs available around here don’t necessarily offer all of the options we have, so there’s a ton of opportunity for us.”

Parents are constantly looking for ways to engage their children’s creativity and expose them to opportunities outside of the tech-bubble of today’s society, and Kidcreate’s tech-free curriculum provides the ideal environment and creative experience that allows children to expand their learning. And as the number of young families in Broomfield specifically continues to grow, the Arreolas considered it to be the perfect time and opportunity for the introduction of the unique kids art studio franchise in their community.

Alongside their first location in Broomfield, the Arreolas plan to open the next two locations within five years in the surrounding area of Boulder and Northern Denver.

To read the full article on the Arreolas, click here!  If you want to take the next step in opening your own location of Kidcreate Studio like the Arreolas did, or want to learn more about the kids art studio franchise, click here!

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