Kidcreate Studio Looks To Share Their Art Education with Dallas, Texas

Kidcreate Studio Looks To Share Their Art Education with Dallas, Texas

Signing thirteen new location in 2018 alone, Kidcreate Studio is proud to see our franchise gaining increasing national traction. With four new locations set to open in the upcoming months, we are now setting sights on expanding our craft franchise and art education impact into the Dallas, Texas area. We see the potential of opening up to ten locations in Dallas, having already opened a Texas location with owner Vanessa Cancel, who saw the perfect opportunity in investing with Kidcreate given the family-oriented culture of the Texas community.

“In my opinion, Texas is very family-oriented,” Cancel said. “Parents love to expose their children to a lot of things, from sports to nature parks. Parents are always looking for options and love their kids to be out and about instead of indoors. Many are also aware of the benefits of art and being creative, and they want to expose their kids to all of that.”

Kidcreate Studio President Brent Dowling sees Dallas, Texas as the perfect area to continue expanding Kidcreate’s impact with art education, given the mix of demographics as well as the gravitation of Dallas customers towards brand stability in franchises such as Kidcreate. In a technology-driven world, parents are constantly seeking technology-free opportunities to engage their children’s creativity, whether it be sports, nature, or arts. That’s why Kidcreate’s curriculum, geared toward children aged 18 months to 12 years, provides opportunities in creativity, independence, and self-confidence in a truly tech-free environment.

Dowling argues, “As in most other cities, many parents in Dallas feel their kids are spending too much time looking at screens. We offer the unique opportunity for parents to drop the kids off for a class or camp to enjoy all kinds of enrichment activities. A lot of kids don’t have access to art, and that type of education can really build their self-confidence and lasting life skills. Our partners have a strong desire to better the community, and to feel like they’re providing a service for kids that will make a real difference in their lives.”

Kidcreate Studio makes opening one’s own location of the craft franchise efficient and impactful in order to create the best relationship between the business, franchisee, and the community. With initial investments ranging between $97,900 and $218,250, studios are built on a simple turnkey “business in a box” model to help ensure success for the franchisees. Kidcreate is also the only art program to operate on a 2-in-1 business model which offers both in-studio and on-the-go classes, birthday parties, and camps. Our unique on-the-go programs have proven to be very popular with consumers and they continue to grow as a revenue stream for franchisees, as the flexibility allows for franchisees to establish close partnerships with nearby schools and businesses. This creates four revenue streams for Kidcreate franchisees– in-studio classes, on-the-go programs, art parties, and retail sales. These distinct revenue opportunities heavily influence the reason why Kidcreate possesses one of the highest net profit margins in the industry.

Kidcreate also works hard to create flexibility and ease in the lives of the franchisees. Kidcreate makes the opening and launch process of each studio as easy and stress-free as possible. Each studio has an average launch time of four to six months, and Kidcreate ensures that each owner receives in-person training at the corporate office, assistance before opening, and one-on-one support for the full first year of business. In addition to providing the opportunity to run a profitable studio, the flexibility of the in-studio and on-the-go classes allows for owners to create their own work schedules and experience a positive work-life balance.

From the flexibility of work scheduling to the guidance through opening a studio, Kidcreate works hard to ensure each individual Kidcreate studio feels comfortable and able to make a meaningful impact in their community. Kidcreate Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lara Olson, involves herself greatly in assisting owners in training and establishing the success of their new studios in order to fulfill this dedication towards the success of the franchisees and exemplifying the brand’s family-focused model.

“I oversee our fantastic launch program, so our franchisees get a lot of love from me as a founder and a lot of direction for their business,” said Olson.

So, whether you’re a first-time business owner or a veteran entrepreneur, our craft franchise provides support from the very step. Entrepreneurs, crafty individuals, or teachers looking for a change will all fit in our family here at Kidcreate. The ideal Kidcreate franchise partner in Dallas will simply be genuinely passionate about making an impact in their community and spreading the importance of children’s arts education.

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