Las Vegas Couple Finds Perfect Balance With Art Studio Franchise!

Las Vegas Couple Finds Perfect Balance With Art Studio Franchise!

As an art studio franchise just for kids, Kidcreate Studio specializes in children’s art classes as well as art camps and art-themed birthday parties. As a Kidcreate Franchise Owner, you can enjoy everything that comes with being your own boss and running your own business, bringing significant financial return on investment, but also bringing great emotional return through helping children grow and develop by providing them with an essential part of their childhood education. Thanks to two very special new Franchise Owners, we’ll be able to offer our services to kids, parents, and educators in Las Vegas, Nevada!

We are pleased to introduce our newest Franchise Owners, Justin and Cheyenne Carroll, who are about to open their first Las Vegas-area art studio franchise. Justin and Cheyenne are excellent reminders that Kidcreate is a franchise opportunity available to people from all backgrounds and professions. Before investing in a Kidcreate art studio franchise, Justin and Cheyenne were both members of the United States Air Force Reserve!

New Owners


As parents of two young children, the Carrolls were looking for a career change that would allow them to spend more time at home with their family. After many years on active duty with the United States Air Force Reserve, they decided to investigate opening their own business. The opportunity to be their own boss and and work for themselves was very appealing to them, as was the possibility of being able to create their own flexible work schedule and bring balance to their lives. 

Although they were not necessarily looking for franchise opportunities, they came across an advertisement for the franchise opportunity at Kidcreate while searching for businesses for sale and felt that it was the right fit for their situation. Cheyenne has always been involved in working with children, with her first job being in after-school child care. Working with children has always been a passion for her- particularly doing art projects, which is something she enjoys doing at home with her own kids. The Carrolls are looking forward to having the ability to invest in their children’s future and build a family legacy as business owners, as well as helping children in the community find their passion for art and creativity.


There are, of course, a huge variety of franchise opportunities to choose from, across many different areas and industries, and the reason Justin and Cheyenne chose to invest in the children’s art industry was due to the lack of funding and focus on art within schools. With many educational establishments across the country having to cut costs and cope with a lack of funding, creative subjects such as the arts are some of the first to go, a sad truth which Justin and Cheyenne were aware of and felt that an extracurricular activity focusing on art was a sound investment, both financially and emotionally. Both Justin and Cheyenne enjoy teaching and being with children, and feel that bringing education to a child’s life carries high emotional reward. Cheyenne says, “When you see a child’s face light up after they understand something, it brings a feeling of fulfillment.”

With a passion for educating, working with children, and giving something back to the community, a franchise opportunity with Kidcreate was a great fit for the Carrolls.


All new Franchise Owners attend a Kidcreate Studio Discovery Day in our Eden Prairie, Minnesota headquarters where they can meet the Founder of Kidcreate Studio, Lara Olson, as well as sit in on an art lesson and get a feel for what a Kidcreate art studio franchise looks like. Justin and Cheyenne thoroughly enjoyed their Discovery Day and appreciated seeing how it all worked. Justin says,  “It made us even more excited for our own studio. Learning about all the different programs and people that are there to help us along the way was also reassuring.”

As with many of our existing Franchise Owners, meeting Lara and seeing how passionate she is about children’s art is what drew the Carrolls to a Kidcreate art studio franchise. At Kidcreate we are not just interested in teaching children about art, we understand how it contributes to and enhances their education, and this passion and enthusiasm is passed on to our Franchise Owners.

Justin and Cheyenne were also able to meet our extensive executive team that is responsible for providing support to new and existing Franchise Owners alike. At Kidcreate we understand that our new Franchise Owners will have a million questions, and our corporate support team is on hand to support you 100% throughout your journey with us. One of the huge benefits of investing in a Kidcreate franchise is the training and support our Franchise Owners receive from day one. A great deal of advice and continued support is available throughout the process, from setting up and getting started, right through to opening the doors and beyond. Justin and Cheyenne have been impressed so far with the quick response times from the corporate team, and their ability to point them in the right direction following any queries.

artist showing off their work


Deciding to open your own business or invest in a franchise is a big decision, not to be taken lightly or rushed into. It is essential to carry out due diligence and thoroughly research the available options to ensure the decision is the right one for you, as a successful business requires hard work, dedication, and passion for what you are doing. Justin advises all potential Franchise Owners who are looking into franchising to do their research and make sure they are in a place to dedicate the time and effort to make the business a success. 

Of course, a background in teaching or working with children is a great starting point for success with a child-related franchise, but it’s not the most important indicator of how successful your Kidcreate location will be. We are interested in candidates from all backgrounds with the determination to succeed and a desire to help and make a difference in people’s lives. Justin and Cheyenne see themselves as very driven and goal-oriented people, and the thing they are most looking forward to when opening their Kidcreate Studio is interacting with and providing a safe and educational experience for many children in their community. We wish them every success with their new studio and look forward to hearing their stories!

The investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model with Kidcreate starts at just $64,520. Please visit our franchise website for more information.

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