Art Studio Franchise Kidcreate Studio Continues to Expand in Virginia!

Art Studio Franchise Kidcreate Studio Continues to Expand in Virginia!

Kidcreate Studio is growing throughout Virginia! We’re extremely excited to introduce Meera Patel, one of our newest franchise owners, as she prepares to open a Kidcreate Studio location in Ashburn, Virginia with her husband, Nishil Patel. With years of experience in both business analytics and being a stay-at-home mom, Meera dreamed of becoming a small business owner, and has found the perfect opportunity through our art studio franchise.

Prior to discovering Kidcreate Studio, Meera spent a majority of her professional career doing analytical work. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston, Meera worked at both non-profit agencies and an oil and gas company. However, she realized she didn’t find her true passions in this field of work.

“I have always wanted to be a small business owner ever since I was in high school, but I never took the leap,” Meera claims. “I knew that I wanted to be able to sell a product or service that I strongly believed in and that I would want to buy or experience myself.”

But first, Meera wanted to start her family. She decided to become a stay at home mom when her daughter, Ayna, was born in May of 2015. With her daughter now four years old, as well as her two year old son Saiyan, Meera began researching new career opportunities to fit her new lifestyle and passions. She knew she wanted to incorporate entrepreneurship with her hobby of crafting. As one of her favorite pastimes, Meera loves seeing children experience fulfillment in completing a project and being able to show it off. She sought out a business that would promote and support creativity in kids, allowing her to feel happy and motivated to go to work every morning. Once she started researching, she discovered Kidcreate Studio. With two young children of her own, she saw how Kidcreate Studio was something she would utilize with her own kids, and loved how art was incorporated with education.

Being a resident of Northern Virginia, Meera saw how the area was perfect for introducing our art studio franchise. As a very family-oriented community, there are numerous young families looking to engage their children in educational programs that spark their intellect and creativity. “In Northern Virginia, there is tremendous diversity, and there are countless young families who are looking for new experiences for their children, and we truly believe there is no offering like Kidcreate Studio in the market,” Meera states. As a member of several mom groups in her community, she saw that fellow mothers wanted art classes and opportunities that were comparable to the popular dance and tumbling classes available. Parents wanted to let their children get messy and creative, but in a way that wouldn’t turn the inside of their homes upside down.

As she transitions from being a stay at home mom, Meera knew for certain that she desired a new career that would allow her to balance her work and family life. Her two children are both beginning school in 2020, so Meera saw that she would possess more time in her schedule. But, she wanted to be available for her family for meals, after-school activities, playing outside, bedtime, and more. Seeing Kidcreate’s ability to offer great work-life balance simply furthered Meera’s interest in becoming a franchise owner.

“The cherry on top is that our children can come to the studio and participate in the classes when I need to be there to get my work done!” Meera expresses. “Compared to other businesses, we are excited that our children can be heavily involved in helping us grow our Kidcreate Studio business in the long-term. It would be a great opportunity for them to learn about responsibilities and entrepreneurship at a young age.”

As she prepares for the opening of her Kidcreate Studio, Meera possesses a bright vision for the start and future of her art studio. She hopes to focus a large portion of her time on the sales and marketing aspect, especially with building On-The-Go partnerships. With her husband working as her business partner to handle the financial side of the business, Meera is excited to finally start her own business with our art studio franchise.

Meera and Nishil are planning to open their Kidcreate Studio in Ashburn, Virginia, by early 2020. We can’t wait for Meera and Nishil to spread the joys of Kidcreate with their community, and we’re excited to see their start and growth!

If you’re interested in exploring the art education space and are looking for an entrepreneurial career that offers work-life balance, opening your own Kidcreate Studio could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Click HERE to explore our franchise page, and learn how you can get involved with our art studio franchise just like Meera did!

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