Oak Park, Illinois Welcomes our Art Education Franchise!

Oak Park, Illinois Welcomes our Art Education Franchise!

Another month, and another new location for our art education franchise. Oak Park, Illinois welcomed the newest Kidcreate Studio this past week and there was plenty of fun to be had! This is the second location for franchise-owning duo Lindsey Danhauser and Allison Durkee and the two are absolutely loving their careers as Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners!

Although Allison and Lindsey have been lifelong friends, they haven’t always worked within the same fields. Art has always been something that the two have bonded over, however. Allison previously spent 12 years working a corporate career, but always had dreams of owning her own business. Meanwhile, Lindsey worked within the field of art, having earned her MA in arts and cultural management before going to work at several art galleries. By chance, Lindsey started working at our Eden Prairie Kidcreate Studio location and after 10 years decided she wanted to open her own art education franchise. Who better to do it with than her best friend? 

Fast forward to 2019, and the two were ready to open their own art education franchise with Kidcreate Studio in the Lakeview area of Chicago. The studio was an instant success, with tons of kids flowing in from all over the Chicago area looking to explore their creativity. Lindsey and Allison were seeing fully-booked classes on a daily basis and truly realized the extent of the demand for extracurricular art programs. So naturally, opening another studio in Chicago was a no-brainer! 

Having already opened one studio, the second time around was a breeze for Lindsey and Allison. Although COVID-19 made things a bit more difficult for the opening, everyone was still able to have fun and get messy with social distancing measures in place. The two officially opened the doors to their Oak Park location on September 12th to the joy of both kids and parents in the Chicago area. Their Grand Opening event offered free art activities for all, as well as a raffle to win free art parties, camps, and family memberships. Additionally, “party favors” were offered to kids and their parents, including coupons for Mommy’s Time Off Classes, birthday parties, and other Kidcreate programs. The event was a smashing success for the team and Lindsey and Allison can’t wait to see what the future holds for their two Kidcreate Studio art franchises!

Why do Lindsey and Allison love their careers so much? As Kidcreate Studio Art Education Franchise Owners, they enjoy a variety of benefits that a typical corporate career simply cannot offer. For starters, Lindsey and Allison are their own bosses and work when they want to. They get to set their own schedules and take time off when they need it. This means spending plenty of time with their families and getting to take vacations whenever they find convenient. Few careers can offer this level of freedom and flexibility.

Furthermore, being Art Education Franchise Owners with Kidcreate Studio, Lindsey and Allison have the potential to realize tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019, our flagship Eden Prairie location saw average gross sales of $466,044.* With an initial investment starting at just $64,765, and a liquid capital requirement of only $50,000, one can see the potential for a quick return on investment and high-profit margins. 

Allison and Lindsey aren’t alone in their business ownership, however. As Kidcreate Studio Art Education Franchise Owners, they have our amazing corporate support team behind them 24/7 helping them through the thick and thin of owning a franchise. Be it training new employees, finding real estate, helping with day to day operations, or developing new curriculum, our support team has our Franchise Owners’ backs and will do whatever it takes to prime them for long term success. 

More than anything, however, our Art Education Franchise Owners like Lindsey and Allison are truly passionate about what they do and receive a sense of daily fulfillment that can seldom be found in any other type of career. In today’s day and age, art education is something that is unfortunately often limited in the public education sector. As a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner, you get to stimulate creativity among the youth and make a difference in the lives of children every day. You get to be messy, think outside the box, and best of all have fun! Owning a Kidcreate Studio isn’t just another business venture. It’s a way to get in touch with your inner child every time you walk into work. 

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creative side and invest in a future career that you can be truly passionate about! Visit our franchising site for more details. 

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*Numbers obtained from Item 19 of our 2020 FDD Document

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