Our Education Franchise Looks at the Future of Summer Camp

Our Education Franchise Looks at the Future of Summer Camp

As an education franchise that offers kids’ art-themed summer camp at our locations nationwide, 2020 was a very different year for us. However, with some mindful pivots, attention to cleanliness and safety, and the overwhelming support from the parents and kids in our communities, Kidcreate was able to return to limited in-person interaction with our favorite young artists! In this article, we look ahead to summer 2021 and examine the future of summer camp in a post-COVID era, not just for Kidcreate but for educational facilities across the country.

Parents and guardians across the country have faced a historic challenge in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Statewide restrictions to help minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus caused schools to shut down, cancelled many programs parents and children alike depend on to keep them amused and engaged, and prevented young children from enjoying summer camps in 2020. 

As we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, prospective entrepreneurs are looking for clues into the future of education franchise opportunities like Kidcreate Studio, and determine whether kids’ art education will be an important, necessary part of post-COVID society. Here’s a look at what prospective Franchise Owners need to know about investing in an education franchise in 2021.

Kids Need Outside Activities

The closure of schools, camps, and extracurricular activities amid the events of the pand

emic in 2020 took a heavy toll on kids as well as parents. While we were able to find joy in the simple pleasures of being at home with our kids, it soon became clear that the stay-at-home lifestyle we were all forced to adopt can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and fatigue over the long term.

Indeed, some experts even use the term “family burnout” to describe the sheer amo

unt of togetherness parents and children have been thrust into since March 2020. Both two-parent and single-parent households report increas

ed exhaustion from having to handle parenting, school, and public health

 precautions. Children and teens can also experience this burnout because schools still expect them to complete assignments from home and adap

t to virtual and remote learning platforms. 

Our education franchise was able to offer an outlet to the burnout families were 

experiencing during even the worst of the pandemic, thanks to our ability to quickly pivot our business model to include virtual classes, take-ho

me art kits, and more. Now, as the country begins to bounce back from the pandemic, we can expect to see an increase in enrollment for kids’ after-school programs, summer camps, and evening classes at places

 like Kidcreate Studio in order to give kids the outside stimulation and interaction they need- not to mention giving parents a much-needed break after this past year!

Positive changes may come soon

Public health officials and governments around the world have taken promising steps to ensure things to slowly reopen in 2021. The COVID-19 vaccine is slowly becoming more and more available and the number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus will have increased by summer 2021. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidelines on how and when schools should reopen.  

The CDC has mentioned several key benchmarks, such as:

  • Continued adherence to safety guidelines such as mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing at all times.
  • Promoting positive behaviors to protect the community.
  • Maintaining a healthy environment through thorough cleaning and sanitation of facilities and supplies.

The CDC also recommends that schools consult with local and state public health and governmental bodies to come up with a strategy that fits their needs. Owners and operators of summer camp facilities can also look at some of these guidelines as well. 

At Kidcreate Studio, our education Franchise Owners are committed to upholding the CDC’s recommendations at each of their facilities to provide a safe environment for kids to express themselves through art. As our school systems, after-school programs, and camps return to full capacity over the course of the coming year, we will continue to strive for excellence in maintaining a clean, sanitary environment where kids and parents can feel good about coming to class.

Why summer camp may return sooner rather than later

education franchiseSummer camp market share represents up to $4 billion in revenue, and the projected outlook for open summer camps in 2021 looks promising. 

  • Children who have been home for an extended period of time during the school year are likely to get excited about the fun and socialization they can expect at camp.
  • Summer day camps may also be a viable alternative for parents who want their children to socialize without spending the night somewhere else, as in a traditional sleep-away camp. 
  • Parents who are returning to the workplace after working from home through 2020 may need viable childcare options over summer break that they can feel safe and confident about.

In addition to being fun places for children to play and learn, summer camps also offer academic enrichment activities that can help students make up for some of the stopgaps in their education. Our education franchise offers a summer camp experience full of art-themed activities, creative projects, and plenty of opportunities to get messy over summer vacation!

Like other industries and settings, summer camps have also had to adapt to the pandemic to offer students and parents peace of mind. Some ways camp may be different than before:

  • Children and teens may be placed into small pods instead of engaging in activities requiring large groups.
  • Increased sanitation and enhanced safety protocols.
  • Camps may accept fewer people to allow for decreased social distancing.
  • Classes and sessions may be shorter than usual to allow students to eat snacks and go to the bathroom without bottlenecking. 
  • Summer camp participants may be asked to undergo daily temperature checks at the door, as well as submit tests proving they’re COVID-19-negative or to quarantine for up to two weeks before camp starts.
  • There may be counseling opportunities to ensure children’s mental health needs are being met. 

The benefits of art for children and teens

Kidcreate Studio is a kids’ education franchise dedicated to helping children develop their artistic skills, take part in activities they enjoy, and offering parents peace of mind. Franchise Owners can have the satisfaction of knowing they’re contributing positively to a community that needs their services. 

Art helps children in the following ways:

  • Teaching them to be part of a team
  • Improving their confidence and self-esteem
  • Fine motor skills
  • Listening skills
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Self-discipline, motivation, and perseverance
art projects

How the Kidcreate Studio education franchise helps children, parents, and communities

At Kidcreate Studio, we focus on our local communities and provide Franchise Owners with the training they need to succeed. Additionally, we encourage all Franchise Owners to offer art-themed birthday parties, summer camp opportunities, and more to help develop multiple revenue streams. 

For some Franchise Owners, this means starting with off-site mobile classes through partnerships with local schools, churches, and childcare centers via our On-The-Go model, and later transitioning to their own permanent space at a beautiful brick and mortar studio built just for them! Here is what our model offers:

  • Mobile classes. This includes everything you need to transport so you can provide private classes at community centers, schools, and other sites of your choosing. Some owners stick to our mobile studio option until they can obtain a more permanent location. 
  • Studio classes. Our brick and mortar studios offer many great art camps, enrichment programs, and even hosted birthday parties that children of all ages enjoy. Our curriculum library contains literal thousands of detailed lesson plans, complete with the educational components necessary for teaching various art techniques, art history, and more.

Kidcreate Studio also has an all-star support team ready to help you start your education franchise on the best note. To this end, we offer:

  • 100 hours of training, including self-paced, classroom, and on-the-job assistance.
  • Curriculum updates that help you maintain industry standards.
  • Real estate assistance to help you find the best agent for your brick-and-mortar location search.
  • Studio operations for up to 2 calendar weeks per year

And much more! 

Our Franchise Owners are a network of great people known for their commitment to community and education. Kidcreate Studio has also been the recipient of numerous awards. Though the past year has been challenging on all of us, we’ve stayed abreast of every safety protocol, industry change, and know that the children’s camp and entertainment industry will be in-demand as parents and caretakers find ways to challenge and stimulate their children’s minds. 

No business is without its risks, but the Kidcreate Studio education franchise has weathered the storm of the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic quite well, thanks to the ongoing support provided by our dedicated corporate team. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can bring Kidcreate Studio to your community, or want to read up on the return on investment you can expect from investing in our education franchise, take a look at our website.

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