Our Kid-Friendly Business Model is a Work of Art!

Our Kid-Friendly Business Model is a Work of Art!

in 2007, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lara Olson,  had a son in first grade who clearly had a passion for art. The only problem? He was receiving only one hour of art throughout an entire school week. As schools and education continue to gravitate towards STEM-aimed curriculums, it’s important that young children have a way to express themselves creatively. This is precisely why Lara created the art education franchise, Kidcreate Studio – a perfect supplementary alternative for parents who are looking to provide their children with fun, extracurricular art education activities.

“I couldn’t find what I wanted for him. What I wanted was what Kidcreate Studio is today,” Olson said. “I became obsessed with the idea of creating this new environment for children to engage their creativity. It took 12 years to build to this vision, but we’re finally here.”

So what exactly does “here” mean? “Here” is a technology and device-free art education franchise that is specifically tailored for children. We are the ONLY franchise opportunity in this industry with a brick-and-mortar location as well as an on-the-go mobile program where we can bring the learning and the fun directly to children all over their communities. Our brick-and-mortar location helps distinguish us from all of the tech-heavy, online options that exist in the market today and, combined with our mobile program, creates an impressive 2-in-1 business model that is perfectly suited for everything from weekly classes and camps to workshops, homeschooling options, private classes, birthday parties, and more!

This is in addition to what we consider to be a “pro mess” mentality that encourages kids to be kids. “Making a mess is the best,” is our tagline and these are the words that we live by. This provides a warm invitation for the children attending our classes to get fully involved in their projects and it puts a priority on children’s creativity which benefits the child. For two of our newest Franchise Owners, Jerry and Eric LaMonica, they wanted a franchising opportunity that prioritized the needs of their two young children. This is why they decided to get involved with Kidcreate Studio and, in the fall of 2018, the LaMonicas opened their own studio in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“We wanted something they could be involved in, which brought us to family-oriented enrichment franchises,” LaMonica explained. “We found Kidcreate Studio included on a list of top emerging franchises and reached out for more information. We immediately fell in love with the people, the leadership and the organization.” There is really nothing else like us out there. Our energetic curriculum and kid-friendly studio space distinguish us, and our On-The-Go program truly sets us apart. We can go anywhere! So far, we’ve been all over the Charlotte metropolitan area.”

To read this full article on 1851franchise.comCLICK HERE If you are looking to get involved in the art education franchise space, then we implore you to visit our Franchise Site for a more in-depth look into Kidcreate Studio! Here you will find all sorts of information on how (and why) you should join the Kidcreate Studio family!

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