The Genius of Brand Synergy – Our Secret Sauce

The Genius of Brand Synergy – Our Secret Sauce

Have you ever heard of brand synergy? It’s when two separate companies work together to achieve better results than they could individually. Today, we’re going to talk about the genius of brand synergy. Kidcreate Studio and our sister company, Extreme Art Studio, have found a way to run two different businesses using the same building and resources, saving on overhead and improving efficiency. Let’s explore the many benefits of this approach and discover why brand synergy is the way to go.

First of all, we use the same building and resources for both businesses! This is a great way to save money because art studio space, utilities, and craft supplies can all add up quickly for separate businesses. By sharing these resources, our franchisees can save a substantial amount of money. In addition to that, sharing administrative staff means that there are fewer errors and our processes are streamlined, so both businesses are more efficient.

Secondly, brand synergy can increase innovation. When two separate brands are working together in the same space, they can bounce ideas off each other and collaborate more easily. This can lead to exciting new ideas and efficiencies that work great. The businesses can feed off each other’s ideas and expertise, resulting in a stronger overall operation.

Another great thing about brand synergy is that it promotes agility. Since our two companies are working together to achieve shared goals, they can adapt quickly to any changes or challenges that arise. Having a nimble operation means that we can easily pivot to meet customer demands or take advantage of market opportunities.

It’s no wonder why our brand synergy approach is just plain smart. Our shared use of resources, administrative staff, and innovative ideation is a testament to how effective this strategy can be. It’s an inspiring reminder that businesses can achieve greatness when they start looking outside of conventional business models. So, if you’re looking to streamline your operations, collaborate more effectively, and become more agile in your business, consider implementing brand synergy into your approach.


And what we’re really excited about is that our parent company, WonderPlay Brands, has two brands that work wonderfully together (did you see what I did there? WonderPlay…Wonderfully!!!).

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