Lindsey Danhauser Partners with Art Studio Franchise Kidcreate Studio!

Lindsey Danhauser Partners with Art Studio Franchise Kidcreate Studio!

From community center art director to newfound franchisee of art studio franchise Kidcreate Studio, Lindsey Danhauser believes art is truly for everyone, and her passion has consistently been found in spreading art education and administration within her local communities.

Danhauser began her art journey through classical training in college, where she worked in galleries and earned a degree in fine arts, before realizing her true calling of engaging directly with her community. Danhauser thus found herself in the role of the Arts Center Supervisor at a local art center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota– which is also the origin of the art studio franchise, Kidcreate Studio. With Kidcreate Studio’s inception in 2007, Danhauser and Kidcreate Studio founder Lara Olson began an 11-year partnership between the business and the art center to host local art events and classes.

In June 2018, Danhauser moved to Chicago, Illinois, and discovered Kidcreate Studio’s wish to also expand into this area. Given her past experience working directly with Olson as well as her love for sharing art with her community, Danhauser knew this was the perfect chance to get involved in art studio franchise opportunities and invest in the brand, leading to a three-unit deal with her business partner, Allison Durkee.

Danhauser claims, “With Kidcreate Studio, I saw how my values aligned with the brand and vice versa. Being a franchisee, and one for an arts education brand, I know I can focus on growing at my own pace within the community.”

Given her extensive arts background, Danhauser is excited to incorporate her own flair to the classes at her own Kidcreate Studio franchise by incorporating art techniques, vocabulary, and trendy pop culture references, including the viral video game, “Fortnite”. At the root of it all, Danhauser simply hopes to “provide fuel for creative cognitive processes in order to encourage kids to access creative thought”.

kids doing art

In March 2019, Danhauser opened her first franchise location in the family-focused Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago and has already begun leaving a mark in the Lakeview community through her collaborations with local businesses and schools. Danhauser created “Date Night” events, where children take art classes in the evening at her studio so parents have the freedom to enjoy the nearby restaurants and businesses Danhauser has partnered with. She also created a “Five Days of Giveback” event with a local school to give 15% of the sales made to help fund their supply needs.

Alongside Danhauser’s ability to actively engage her community with art, her ability to demonstrate great flexibility with the community as well as her own family has allowed for Danhauser to make the most of her time with her studio, art, and daughters.

“As a parent of two girls, I know that life happens sometimes,” Danhauser explains. “We have an open flow of communication at all times so parents know they can always talk to me when a change in school schedule happens. Kidcreate Studio also [gives me] the ability to actively engage with my daughters and have them participate in the business with me.”

Danhauser has found great success and satisfaction with her first Kidcreate Studio location and is actively looking to open a second location in Oak Park, Illinois by November 2019.

“There’s something so much more powerful when you can interact at that close level with your business. It’s even more exciting when you grow it yourself,” Danhauser states.

To read this full article, click here! If you’re thinking about joining the Kidcreate family like Lindsey did and want to look into art studio franchise opportunities, learn more here!

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