Should I Open My Own Art Studio or Invest in an Art Franchise?

Should I Open My Own Art Studio or Invest in an Art Franchise?

The last 18 months have seen an unprecedented number of employees quitting their jobs, with the main driving factor being the way they were treated by their employers during the global pandemic. This is leading to a significant shift in people’s attitudes towards work, forcing disillusioned staff to re-evaluate their priorities and with many finally having the push they needed to leave behind something which was making them unhappy, and pursue something which they feel truly passionate about. 

Does starting your own business and being your own boss appeal to you? Maybe you are an aspiring or established artist, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or simply a creative person looking for a new challenge. If so, being the owner and operator of your own art studio would be an exciting new adventure. But the big question looms, where to begin? Of course, with every new business, there are a great number of things to consider, not least the costs involved, the location, the time and effort required, and your intended audience.

When pondering the first steps of your new adventure, there are two main factors to take into consideration. Should you open an independent art studio, or instead go down the road of investing in an existing franchise? This article will outline the pros and cons of both these options and help you make a decision about which is best for you.

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An independent art studio is for the purposes of either creating or selling art, and can involve any number of art, such as painting, sculpting, woodwork or ceramics. For a budding artist or those with a link to artwork and crafts, there are clear benefits to opening an independent studio. To begin, you have the luxury of designing something from scratch, enabling you to create your studio to your exact specifications and interests. Your passion and creativity will flow throughout the space you create, and you will feel valued and enthused by engaging with other artists and selling your work to interested parties. Most importantly, you are following your dream, which through sheer hard work will provide you with an enormous sense of achievement.

However, starting a business from scratch comes with its share of downsides, and an independent art studio is no different. A huge amount of research and planning must be done before the idea begins to take shape, such as conducting market research on similar organizations, gauging interest in the local area, assessing the competition, finding a suitable location, deciding on your preferred layout, deciding what equipment you will need and what it will cost, and considering the upsides of renting vs buying. And this is to name but a few! It is not unreasonable to expect many months of planning to really decide on what you are looking for.

Once the groundwork has been laid, a new business will need a solid business plan, financial backing, expert advice, a marketing strategy and/or professional website creation, and most likely a business license. This is of course all doable, and there are many thriving art studios in existence, but to ensure the best possible chance of success, you must be 100% committed to the project and have the self-drive and relentless work ethic to push yourself to achieve your goal.

The second option worth considering is to be your own boss by investing in an existing art franchise. By embarking on a franchise, you will immediately be removing a huge amount of the stress involved with starting a business from scratch, simply because the business already exists, with a support team and infrastructure in place. You have a ready-made team of experts to help you every step of the way, from the initial purchase and set-up, right through to opening and actually running the business.


A great example of this is becoming a Franchise Owner at Kidcreate Studio. Specializing in children’s art classes, camps and art-themed birthday parties, Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids. Kidcreate fulfil a huge unmet need in communities for children to be creative, learn art concepts, and experiment with many different art materials, something which is severely lacking in school curriculums today. Creativity is often quoted as the necessary skill of the future, and an organization such as Kidcreate gives children the tools to unlock this creativity, providing them with an essential part of their development and childhood education.

The clear incentive for investing in an art franchise such as Kidcreate is that you will be using your talent and enthusiasm for your craft to help and enrich the lives of children. Kidcreate Franchise Owners enjoy all the benefits of running their own business and being their own boss, bringing not only a significant financial return but also huge emotional returns on the initial investment.

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At Kidcreate we understand that starting a new business is daunting and extremely hard work, which is why being a Kidcreate Franchise Owner brings with it an entire support team. This includes advice from a Real Estate Director to find the best studio location and negotiate and sign a lease agreement, access to your own Marketing Director to provide assistance with promoting your business, 100 hours of initial training to prepare you for opening your studio doors, and refresher training courses once your studio is open.

Last but not least, a huge benefit of being a Kidcreate Franchise Owner is that you can be up and running in as little as 60 days. Yes, you read that correctly, 60 days! No need to spend months researching and planning, the Kidcreate team can guide you through this process, not only removing a huge amount of stress from the start-up process of a new business but also cutting the prep time from many months to just 60 days. There are two choices of models for new Franchise Owners, allowing new Owners to choose between a mobile studio or a brick-and-mortar studio, or both! The initial investment for the On-The-Go mobile franchise model starts at just $64,520, and of course, once you have established your first studio as a Franchise Owner, there is nothing to stop you from expanding your empire and opening multiple Kidcreate Studio art franchise locations.


There are very few downsides to investing in an art franchise, although it is important to remember that despite all the support and assistance you will receive, it will by no means be a walk in the park. You will still need the initial investment, and of course, businesses do not succeed by themselves. Investing in an art franchise will still require the dedication and hard work that any business does. You will need to bring your entrepreneurial spirit and your desire to succeed, not forgetting your passion for both art and the education of children.

Kidcreate Studio makes it so much easier for you to become a Franchise Owner than those trying to open an independent art studio business, so what are you waiting for? Visit our art franchise website today for more info.

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