Why Did You Start an Art Education Business?

Why Did You Start an Art Education Business?

When the Public Art Education Sector started cutting art education programs, Founder of Kidcreate Studio; Lara Olson saw a need and a business opportunity for her son and her community. With her son’s favorite time of the day getting cut she needed to find an alternative. After researching what other options were out there, she realized there weren’t many art educational programs available in her market to replace the time in the art class being cut from his schooling. In 2008 Lara founded Kidcreate Studio to help provide kids with a fun environment where kids are encouraged to make a mess along with a beautiful masterpiece!

Both the children and adults have a great time in the studio and both the children and parents beam with pride walking out the door holding onto their newly created art project. Art Education is extremely important for our youth to inspire, teach, and build self-esteem and Lara is helping provide these kids a creative outlet one canvas at a time!

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