Three Artsy Options

Kidcreate Studio offers three different artsy options that are valuable for customers and for Franchise Owner’s revenue streams: Registration based classes, group activities, and community events.

What are Registration Based Classes?
Registration based classes are a type of class or camp that is offered with the hopes that families enroll their children. It is not guaranteed to run but the majority of them typically do. There are minimum enrollment numbers predetermined. The minimum number of children enrolled must be met in order to enable the class or camp to run.

Registration based classes are offered at the Studio, through Community Education and Parks and Recreation Programs along with daycares, preschools, and Montessori’s.

What are Group Activities?
This type of class is booked by a program or organization with the idea that all the children will be participating in the activity. Group Activities are offered through Care Programs, Scout Troops, Daycares, Preschools, Montessori’s, Church Groups, and “Moms” Groups. Different terminology is used when referring to this type of class, including outreach programs, in-center activities, and field trips.

These types of class bookings tend to be for a very large number of kids and can be very profitable!

What are Community Events?
For Community Events, an art station is set up where the kids at the even can create a predetermined art activity. Any of the children at the even can participate if they so choose!

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