What Made Mufaddel Dhodwala Want to Open an Art Franchise?

What Made Mufaddel Dhodwala Want to Open an Art Franchise?

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to the newest member of the Kidcreate Studio art franchise family, Mufaddel Dhodwala! Together with his wife, Fatema, who will be acting as Operations Manager, Dhodwala will be opening the doors to his brand-new West Bloomfield, Michigan location in 2021. Our team sat down with Mufaddel and Fatema to discuss their story and their big plans for the future!

Like many Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owners, Muffadel and Fatema came across our art franchise after discovering an unmet need for kids’ art education opportunities within their own community. After accidentally missing the registration deadline for an art class their two children- ages 8 and 10- had enjoyed, the couple was disappointed to find that there were no other art classes for kids in their neighborhood. They realized that there needed to be more options for art education within their community!

As entrepreneurs with additional business ventures in the coffee industry as well as in Indian-made handicrafts, Muffadel and Fatema saw an opportunity to open an art franchise for kids. They decided to do some research and came across Kidcreate Studio. They were instantly intrigued and thought it would be a great fit for the community. Naturally, the couple decided to reach out to the Kidcreate franchising team and talk to some of our art Franchise Owners.

“I was very impressed by the vetting process- at different times you get to listen to different interviews- I must have listened to 10 different interviews.” describes Muffadel. “From the first email,  [Development Director] Kyle [Christie] took us through all the different steps. I really felt like I understood the business model. Even better, I saw that the other Franchise Owners were confident about what they were doing. They were saying that, given the opportunity, they would do this again!”

This solidified the decision for Muffadel and Fatema, but they still weren’t 100% certain if it was the right time for them to invest with our art franchise. But as they continued to weigh their options, they learned some exciting news – Kidcreate Studio was offering an incentive to new Franchise Owners! Back in May, we were feeling a bit creative and decided to offer our new Franchise Owners 0% royalties and 50% of the franchise and launch fees deferred. This was exactly the motivation Muffadel and Fatema needed, and they decided to take advantage of the offer!

Mufaddel says, “The reason we kind of jumped into it right now is because of the incentive Kidcreate was offering. We wanted to wait until December to open when we had a better picture of what would be happening with COVID-19. Our plans are still pivoted around that idea, but we’re decided to invest in our future. We plan on starting with the On-The-Go model in January of next year and then open our studio later in 2021. Overall, it was a great investment!”

Like the rest of our art Franchise Owners, Muffadel and Fatema will enjoy benefits that other business opportunities simply cannot offer! For an investment range of only $108,800 – $261,350, our business model provides a variety of revenue streams for our Franchise Owners, which include classes and camps, On-The-Go, parties and events, and retail sales. In reality, owning a Kidcreate Studio is like owning four businesses in one, without the extra work or costs!

Better yet, franchising with Kidcreate Studio offers freedom and flexibility that can’t be found anywhere else. Our Franchise Owners are their own bosses, meaning that they get to set their own schedules and work when they want to. They can spend more time with their families than the average career and take time off whenever they’d like. With independence like this, it’s no wonder that our Franchise Owners are some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet!

Most importantly, however, owning an art franchise with Kidcreate Studio gives you a career that you can truly feel passionate about. Our Franchise Owners aren’t with us simply to make money. They feel strongly about art education and truly love what they do every day. They are more than just business owners. They are leaders in their communities and inspire creativity in their students on a daily basis. When they go home at night, they are truly fulfilled and feel a level of gratification that a corporate career simply cannot offer!

So what are you waiting for?! As we move deeper into 2020, we are looking to spread the mission of art education to even more children across the country. But we can’t do it without our amazing Franchise Owners like Muffadel and Fatema! Leave your boring corporate career behind and bring art education to your community today. Visit our franchising site for more information.

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