Kid Franchises for Entertainment and Art

Kid Franchises for Entertainment and Art


Studies have shown that participation in the arts has long term academic and social benefits for school children. Students who studied art were proven to have better test scores, better grades overall, better attendance and higher participation in community events. Unfortunately, public art programs are steadily declining and there is limited exposure to art in public schools. This decline in art programs has left children without a creative balance to their academic studies and a need for appropriate art and entertainment focused programs. Kidcreate is a business model that fills this void and creates solutions for both parents and children.

A business model that focuses on art, Kidcreate Studio is a kid franchise for entertainment first. We have found that children who are entertained have increased engagement and thus learn better. Art is a great way for children to express their creativity and it offers a refreshing experience after hours spent reading from the chalkboard! By focusing on the needs of children, Kidcreate has met the needs of parents who want their children to succeed. We have found great success with our kid franchise for entertainment because our main focus is the growth of the local communities we service. By providing an honest and beneficial service, we have been able to grow nationwide and bring the gift of art to thousands of school children.




Craft Franchise

Kidcreate Studio improves the lives of children while making a difference in their communities. Feeling fulfilled is easy when you’re positively impacting the world and your bank account.

Art Franchise Opportunities

Our franchise for children’s activities utilizes four main revenue streams. Studio Classes & Camps, On-The-Go Studio, Parties & Events, and Retail Sales. Our business model has some of the highest net profit margins in the industry, as you will see in our current Franchise Disclosure Document.

Art Studio Franchise

Kidcreate Studio was created around family and is for family. Finding a work life balance is what we are all about. Kidcreate provides the flexibility to make your family your priority.

Kids Art Studio Franchise

Getting kids into art class and away from their digital outlets puts parents at ease and creates a non-digital experience that can’t be copied by the big competitors.

Children's Franchise Opportunities

The Kidcreate Studio business model offers unlimited potential for scalability. With both the brick and mortar Studio Classes and the On-The-Go Partnerships, getting more business and expanding to multiple locations is a breeze.


Unlike other kid franchises for entertainment, Kidcreate taps into multiple industries:

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Education and Tutoring

A $102.8 billion annual industry, education and tutoring is our main focus. As parents always want their children to succeed, this is an industry that has proven to be recession resilient – it is up 37% since 2014. All of our programs are targeted towards school children’s success and growth and we encourage learning in a fun and creative way.

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Summer Camps

Just because the school year has come to an end doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! A $2 billion annual industry, Summer Camps are a great way to continue education during the holidays (and to give parents a well needed break!).

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Birthday Parties

$25 billion in annual revenue is definitely something to celebrate! Kidcreate makes every child’s birthday a special day with our birthday party events, bringing learning and fun along with the cake and balloons.


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By targeting such profitable industries, it’s easy to see how you can lead a successful career with Kidcreate. While our current owners certainly enjoy the profits of their franchise for children’s activities, what they enjoy most is the fulfillment they get out seeing the children succeed. Contact us today if you’re interested in a successful and satisfying career with Kidcreate, the leader of kid franchises for entertainment.

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